As an ongoing project to support Orphanages around the world, this latest sculpture of

a child can be purchased as a donation for a charitable cause to support Orphanages across many different countries in the world. Please contact the artist if you're interested in purchasing a copy of the first portrait sculpture of the little girl in SOS Village in Gabon, Africa. 

Title:      "Girl's Destiny", Orphanage in Gabon, Africa

Size:      14" height x 8" width x 9" depth

Media:  Hydro-stone with marble base

As an artist, I wanted to expand upon this idea and sculpt more children in  support of the Orphanages around the world. The sale of these portrait sculptures will be donated to the Orphanages. The children's names and identity will remain anonymous, their portrait is created only for inspiration to capture a sense of different ethnicities and cultures around the world. The idea of this project is to raise funds as well as bring these children to light and a deeper awareness around the world, so that others can be inspired to help.

If you're interested in a purchase of any other sculptures or commission work as a donation to support an Orphanage of your country of preference, please contact me directly by email at: or fill out the form on my CONTACT page.

Many thanks for your support! Denisa